Early Childhood Education Service

i. Service and Teachers’ Qualifications
Service Objectives
ELCHK follows the spirit of love and serving people of Jesus Christ, we focus on our children and are committed to arrange an environment suitable for child growth. We offer enriching and diversified learning activities in order to create happy learning experience for small child, with a view to nurture a balanced development in physical, intellectual, language, community, emotional and spiritual aspects, and laid down a firm learning foundation for them.

Target Groups
Small children aged 2 to 6 and their families.

Service Details
We offer theme-based integrated programs and special topics projects for kids to learn via group learning and selected activities. Kids learn to observe, explore and interact with each other in a natural and happy environment, to build up knowledge, stimulate thinking and encourage learning spirit. Our school arranges visits or outdoor activities such as SafetyTown, Brighter Smiles Playland, Fire Station, Supermarket, etc., to broaden the exposure of small children.

Qualifications of our Teachers
Our Principal has obtained a bachelor and a master degree in Child Education, all our teachers have also received professional certificate training in Child Education, some have acquired bachelor degree or above. With a mission to educate, our loving teaching staff understands the developmental needs of small children; with a proper teaching methodology, they nurture child growth and development.

ii. Types of Services
Child Day Care and Education Service
We offer professional child education and day care service according to the developmental needs, ability and interest of small children. Teaching in small groups, kids are encouraged to observe, explore and interact with each other, to stimulate thinking and encourage them to learn willingly, thus laying down a firm learning foundation for small children.

Integrated Program for Mentally Handicapped children

Coordinated by integrated teachers who have received special education training and possess a thorough understanding of the potentials and limitations of small children, we introduce individual training program for them. With one-on-one and small group teaching as our teaching mode, we offer equal educational opportunities for slightly handicapped children as they can learn together with other normal kids. Therapists and Clinical Psychologists are also available on-site to provide support.

Occasional Child Care Service
We offer temporary day care service for parents who are not available to take care of their young children. Service duration ranges from full-day, half-day and 2-hour sessions.

Extended Hours Child Care Service

Extended hours service after school to cater for the special needs of working parents.

School Social Work Service
Comprehensive social work services such as Individual Counselling, Group work, activities and consultation service are provided to small children and their families in need as early as possible.

Child Education Service Data Room (at ELCHK Chung On Nursery School)
To produce promotional materials and ancillary teaching resources to provide teaching support to nursery schools.