Our Partners:(listed in no particular order)

The Community Chest

The Community Chest has been supporting our services to meet the social needs through different innovation projects and benefit for elderly, rehabilitated people, youth and family .The subsidy programs include Project Life Encounters – Horticulture Therapy Based Life Story, Project Legacy - Support Service for Families with Grandparents as Parents, Project Crossroad - Life & Death Education and Support Service for Frail Elders, Healthier Bone for Beautiful Community, Happiness to Share: A Project on Nurturing of Happy Families and Uncle Long Leg Letter Box.

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

The CLP’s Power Generation Business Group Volunteer Team has been providing services for the disadvantaged children in Tuen Mun district through mentorship for eight years. The subsidy programs include “Green Volunteers for Seniors”, “Build a Caring Hong Kong Together” of the “CARE” Little Reporter, and “Good Student Award 2014”, etc. The programs aim to provide actual supports for low-income families and their children in the district, as well as to encourage the children to build inner strengths, and to cultivate the spirits of committing to self-improvement, striving for upward mobility, helping the underprivileged, and ultimately fighting intergenerational poverty. The volunteer team demonstrated care and respect to the elderly through the “Green Volunteers for Seniors” program, in which they visited 180 underprivileged single elderly households in Tuen Mun district and replaced LED light bulbs for them.

Amoy Food Limited

Since 2008, Amoy has been organizing “Amoy Cooking Corner” for our Tai Po and the North District centres, teaching female parents cooking methods and promoting health knowledge, which serves to communicate the concepts of healthy living and care for family. These activities not only helped expand their social network, but also let them know that they can seek help whenever in need. The company has always contributed through donating food, funding activities and encouraging their staff to become “Amoy Life Angel” and participate in charitable events. More than 400 female parents and their families have been benefited as of today.

Promise (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

The Promise and the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged jointly sponsored the  program of Promise: “Walk with Children, Walk with Love” 2013, organized by the North District Integrated Youth Service Centre. Through talent training program, field trip, and outdoor family activity, etc., they tailor-made a series of learning targets for grassroots children, and assisted the underprivileged families and their children in the North District to enhance their motivation to learn, their resilience in coping with adversity, as well as their language skills. At the same time, the Promise Volunteers took the role of “Growth Pilot” and accompanied school children to travel around Hong Kong, encouraging them to be more concerned about local culture and social issues. Furthermore, the Volunteers also took part in Athletic Family Fun Day so as to express their support and care with action, which helped strengthen the relationship among parents, Growth Pilots and school children.

Varitronix Limited

In 2013-14, Varitronix subsidized Sheung Tak Integrated Youth Service Centre twice for organizing the “Knowing Ethnic Minority” Social Inclusion Program. They sent one-to-one matching volunteers to serve as mentors and also befriend the ethnic minority youths and their families. They showed care for the service targets through letters and phone. The program also offered homework tutorial classes, interest classes, outdoor activities, and community stalls to facilitate more contacts between the ethnic minorities and the community, proving opportunities for them to learn more about each other’s cultures and lifestyle characteristics, and lead the first step in social inclusion.

Citybase Property Management Ltd

It was the fifth consecutive year for our collaboration with Citybase in organizing the program of “One Person One Mooncake; Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Love” in 2013. Their Club House Management helped in promoting and collecting mooncakes from their residents.
Citybase’s volunteer team then visited our elderly Centres, sending them mooncakes, cares, and also the happiness of the festivals. In addition, Citybase provided full supports to our “1st Love Dancing Marathon Show” in 2014. Apart from their enthusiastic help in promotion, Citybase also sponsored the activity expenses and provided volunteers for on-site coordination, which enabled the community to learn more about and care for the special educational needs (SEN) of grassroots children.