Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong (ELCSS-HK), one of the largest NGOs in Hong Kong, was established in 1976. With an innovative, caring and people-oriented approach, we provide integrated services to the grassroots and the disadvantaged. Currently we have more than 50 service units and 50 special projects across the territory. We serve nearly two million head counts per year via services ranging from small children, elders, families, schools to the employment sector.

In recent years, we aimed to provide services to the underprivileged community with an innovative approach. Some innovative services and special projects include: 
Innovative services

  1. Lifestyle Reactivation Project: Jockey Club Smart Homecare Solution – improve the quality of life at home for the elderly with technology to restart a new life for them.
  2. Project i-Change (a counselling platform for problem gamblers) – provide simulated counselling support service to problem gamblers 24 hours a day with follow-up service.
  3. Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service – The Gerontech rental service with on-site evaluation and advice by a multi-professional team.
  4. Tuen Mun District Health Centre – provide various primary healthcare through innovative technology in Tuen Mun district, including health promotion, health assessment, chronic disease management and community rehabilitation.
  5. "The Step" - San Tin Transitional Housing Project  – provides a short-term accommodation for grassroots and offer comprehensive social services to assist residents in establishing new lives and planning for the future.

Special projects
  1. Community Housing Movement“Lohas Land”–  provide transitional housing for low-income families/young people to improve their living environment and quality of life.
  2. Heavenly Figs Chinese Medicine – provide general practice and acupuncture treatment services to the public by our registered Chinese medicine practitioners.
  3. Positive Ageing – delay the premature aging of rehabilitation service hostel users and improve their quality of life.
  4. Healthy Teeth for Better Life – improve the dental health of users with intellectual disabilities by means of cross-professional intervention.
  5. Free Play – children are encouraged to decide for themselves on what they play and learn in a free atmosphere.
  6. M & M (Movement and Mindfulness) Children Supportive Project – provide training for children suspected or assessed to have attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder and their parents by combining “mindfulness” with “exercise”.
  7. Jockey Club Support Project for Parents of the New Generation – provide comprehensive support services for young parents aged 29 or below.
  8. Project Legacy – Support Service for Families with Grandparents as Parents – provide support services for grandparents and their young grandchildren in intergenerational families.
  9. 0923 Youth Talent Innovators – provide one-stop performance and multimedia production services by grouping of multi-talented young people.
  10. Lost and Found – Support Service for Scavengers – help elderly scavengers find the right direction in life again by means of career conversion.
  11. Essence Hub – A social enterprise dedicated to enrich the life of the golden-aged (people over 50 or above).
  12. Grace Youth Camp – Revitalize historic buildings and let the public feel how the Ma On Shan miners wrestled with perseverance in the old days.

Our mission, vision and values
To proclaim Jesus Christ’s Gospel and to practice his serving spirit 

People-oriented, taking care of the most vulnerable groups;
Promptitude to the ever- changing needs, looking for innovation and effective;
Striving for Excellence, manifesting our care in every details. 

Core values
We value:
Team work
Holistic approach
Social participation
Justice and love