ELCHK, Wong Choi Ming Joyful Family Nurturing Centre


To relieve family pressure and rebuild a happy family culture, Wong Choi Ming Joyful Family Nurturing Centre, a self-financing institution, was officially established by ELCHK in April, 2013. We aim to enhance family functions and promote happy family campaign and positive culture via training, networking and professional support service. Our services include parenting education, Smart Children Project, Emotional and Virtues/Values Nurturing, Stationing service at Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-child care centres, play therapy, support service to children with specific learning difficulties and their families. We are committed to provide services to families in Hong Kong with a mission to build happy homes! 

Service Objectives
Enhancing family functions and building happy families together.

Target Groups
Families in Hong Kong

Scope of Service
• Designing and Piloting family course materials (including parent-child relationship and spousal relationship) to enhance family functions.
• Analyzing current familial difficulties and future family trend, researching and innovating appropriate services to support needy families. 
• Promoting happy family campaigns, addressing family-related issues in society and conducting family-related surveys in a timely fashion; as well as to prevent and understand family crises, facilitating positive family culture and uphold family values. 

Qualifications of our Staff
Our team comprises of registered social workers and clinical psychologists. With extensive family counselling experience, they thoroughly understand the needs of different family members. In addition, they also possess comprehensive professional knowledge and accreditation including child-oriented play therapy, 6A  Character Talks, Professional Certificate in Playgroup Teacher Training, PD Personality Dimensions, Projection Drawing Practitioner, Enneagram, Family Therapy using the Satir Model, and Evaluation and Therapy for Children with Special Learning Difficulties, offering comprehensive and professional support to families. 
Contact Information
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday::2:00pm -5:45pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday