Clinical Psychology Support Service


Since 2004, clinical psychology and assessment services have been provided to help children and teenagers who are suffering from emotional, behavioral and social frustrations to overcome challenges in growth and to ensure their physical and mental health. Meanwhile, we also assist school kids with special learning difficulties, apart from helping them to integrate into mainstream education, the provision of teachers’ training and collaboration can help teachers to master the techniques for offering assistance to these students.

Serving Districts
Across the territory

Service Objectives
-Providing high quality and comprehensive psychological services to children and teenagers in need and their families
-Providing assessment on psychology and developmental disorder for children and teenagers in need.
-Helping needy children and teenagers to handle emotional and social problems
-Assisting students with special learning difficulties to integrate into mainstream education
-Supporting teachers and parents to handle social, learning and emotional skills for children and teenagers

Target Groups
-Children and teenagers with psychological or emotional frustrations
-Children or teenagers with developmental delay or disorder (e.g. Autism)
-Children or teenagers with behavioral problems (e.g. Hyperactivity Disorder)
-Others who need our services, such as mental patients and persons with limited intelligence, regardless of their age.

Services Overview

Contact Information
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: by appointment