ELCHK, Ling Oi Tan Ka Wan Treatment Centre


Ling Oi Tan Ka Wan Treatment Centre is the foundation of our treatment program.  Our “brothers” will stay there for 9 months.  We read bibles every day, pray every day to learn about Christian teachings. Our “brothers” will be divided into small groups; different chores will then be assigned to them for helping each other out in daily activities.  We have instructors for musical instruments and sports, which help our “brothers” to develop an interest.

In addition, to cope with the need of young brothers’ aged 18 or below, an education program specially designed for them is also available.  It focuses on preparing our “brothers” to return to normal schools after the treatment.


Contact Information
  • Short-term lease 1657, Tan Ka Wan, Sai Kung North, NT
  • 26121342
  • 27918377
  • lotkw@elchk.org.hk