ELCHK, Kwai Shing Hostel


Our hostel has been providing residential services for persons with moderate intellectual disabilities aged 15 or above since October, 1987

Service Objectives
- Fulfill service users’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs, and develop their potential through diversified activities
- Enhance their self-confidence and ability to live independently through training;
- Maintain their physical functions in order to live independently;
- Support the caregivers and release their stress through delivering of services under the ‘family-oriented’ direction;
- Promote disability inclusion by fostering society's understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities.

 Target Groups
- aged 15 or above;
- physically and mentally suitable for group living; 
- physically healthy with no active infectious disease; and
- actively occupied in or being arranged for admission to day placement.

Services Overview

  • 家居式住宿服務;
  • 個人訓練計劃;
  • 康樂、社交及個人發展活動;
  • 個案輔導;
  • 言語治療服務;
  • 物理治療服務;
  • 私家醫生外展到診計劃;
  • 社會福利署-臨床心理服務;
  • 照顧者服務。

Membership Application

  • 宿舍提供43個宿位
  • 另設4個偶然空置暫顧宿位

  • 領有傷殘津貼或綜援者,每月膳食宿費為港幣$1,559;
  • 沒有領取任何津貼者,每月膳宿費為港幣$1,481。
  • 按社會福利署所定的收費為標準。


可經由社工及康復服務單位的工作人員轉介至社會福利署康復服務中央轉介系統,有關申請不會收取任何費用 。


Contact Information
  • G/F,121-136, Block 5, Kwai Shing West Estate ,Kwai Shing Circuit,Kwai Hing
  • 2424-2044
  • 2424-2055
  • ksh@elchk.org.hk