ELCHK, Grace Court


Grace Court provides 24-hour accommodation and day care services.

Service Objectives
Our services are elderly-oriented with the following objectives:
-providing health, social, psychological and spiritual care
-providing 24-hour stay, meals, personal care, nursing services, social
activities, individual counselling and religious services

Target Groups
Aged 60 or above without any infectious diseases; with mental state suitable for communal living.

Centre Facilities

Sky garden, physiotherapy rooms, multi-sensory rooms, computer resource corner, library, audio-visual equipment, carrying vehicles, electronic nursing beds, inflatable mattresses, hangers, bath-beds, heating pipe insulations, oxygen machine, suction machine, alarm systems, bells, emergency lighting and so on .

Services Overview

Membership Application

  • 有1人套房至12人護理房,由$5,500起
  • 日間護理或黃金復康期訓練收費:由$350/日起
  • 社署津助護養院買位計劃的轉介長者收費:$2,000
  • 另加護理及/或個人用品收費由$2,270起

  • 報名可親臨本院、致電或上網索取報名表,填妥後可親自交回、寄回本院或傳真至2155-2829。
  • 社署津助護養院買位計劃的申請人可向就近社會福利署家庭服務部、醫務社工或長者中心查詢。
  • 如欲參觀本院,請先致電預約。

  • 入住後享用院舍內各項設施及服務,另設陪外出服務;
  • 每日有早、午、下午茶及晚餐膳食供應;
  • 護理服務,包括藥物服用及監管;
  • 全日24小時專業/護理人員照護服務;
  • 到訪醫生到診服務;
  • 日常起居照顧服務;
  • 復康及治療運動,以保持及改善身體機能;
  • 定期參與社交康樂及治療性小組活動/服務;
  • 社工輔導及轉介服務。

  • 長者如欲退出住院服務,可於至少一個月前以書面向院舍申請。
  • 若服務使用者對職員或其他人構成滋擾、危險或蓄意破壞單位公物,單位有權要求服務使用者終止及退出服務。

Download Forms

Publish Date Content Title Download Link
16-01-2021 2021年收費一覽表(社署護養買位) Download
16-01-2021 2021年收費一覽表(住宿照顧服務券) Download
16-01-2021 2021年收費一覽表 (自負盈虧) Download
27-05-2020 體格檢驗報告書
27-05-2020 日間護理部收費表
27-05-2020 日間護理部服務申請表
07-01-2019 入住申請表
Contact Information
  • Floor 2-4,Fung Yat Social Service Complex,364 Kwai Shing Circuit, Kwai Chung
  • 2155 2828
  • 2155 2829
  • gc@elchk.org.hk
Opening Hours
24-hour services:
Office hours:9:00am - 1:00pm, 2:00pm - 5:30pm
Visiting hours:10:00am - 8:00pm