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Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong (ELCSS-HK), one of the largest NGOs in Hong Kong, was established in 1976. With an innovative, caring and people-oriented approach, we provide integrated services to the grassroots and the disadvantaged. Currently we have more than 50 service units across the territory. We serve over 2 million head counts per year via services ranging from small children, elders, families, schools to the employment sector.

In recent years, we aimed to provide services to the underprivileged community with an innovative approach. Some innovative services include:

Money-vanguard –
Teach children the knowledge and skills in financial management through family activities and teaching games.

Jockey Club Support Project for Parents of New Generation –
Provide comprehensive support services to parents aged 24 or below.

Hong Kong Youth Talent Institute –
Ignite the youth’s motivation to pursue their dreams through dancing and drama training.

Uncle Long-leg Letter Box –
Listen and respond to letters from children, and accompany them to growth healthily.

Joyful Family –
Nurture a happy family culture through training, networking, and professional support services.

Life Story –
Help depressed elders write their life stories and ascertain self-value.

Essence Hub –
A social enterprise dedicated to enrich the life of the golden-aged (people over 50 or above).

Men in Jazz –
Provide a music learning and performing platform for the golden-aged.

Chinese Medicine Support for Drug Abusers –
Provide traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments to reduce the health sequela of drug abusers.

Youth Career Development Service –
Help youth in developing a life/career plan through collaborative program between corporate partners and schools.

Grace Youth Camp –
Revitalize historic buildings and let the public feel how the Ma On Shan miners wrestled with perseverance in the old days.

Through our innovative and proactive services, we have obtained subventions from different government departments, charitable funds and business partners. We will continue to uphold our missions in the future and extend our care to the grassroots and the disadvantaged.

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